Evolution of Art Promotion

Launch Event – Press Release

LOAV is pleased to announce the Official Launch of its evolutionary art promotion festival from 1 November 2022.

LOAV Art Festival’s mission is to become one of the most significant festivals in London with multiple events each year. For its first promotion we are showcasing work of more than 70 established and emerging artists and photographers exhibiting and performing in many exciting and versatile venues across London from 1 to 30 November 2022, kicking off with our grand opening on the 31st of October 2022. In addition, we are launching our first series of unique live events with talented musicians and live performers, including comedians and poets, freely open to the public.

LOAV venues include Bianca Road Brew, Fashion Meets Music – House of Fraser Croydon, Fashion Meets Music – Stratford Westfield Mall, Grand Trunk Road, Guild Church – Host Cafe, Hoxton Cabin, IXCEL, Jazz After Dark – Soho, L’Amour Restaurant, Love Shack, Matthews Yard, Temple of Art & Music – Canary Wharf, Temple of Art & Music – Elephant & Castle, Two Bridges Pub, We Admire Shoreditch, X-Park Restaurant.

We are a team of passionate creatives who believe in connecting artists, musicians, and live performers with the local community. Our LOAV-ing platform brings support to exhibitors, performers and venues welcoming our participants. We are directly supported by IXCEL events, Lazin Magazine and a-rt.uk.

The launch event is on 31 October 2022 at The Two Bridges, 186 Tooley Street London SE1 2TZ commencing at 7pm. Come and join us for a super delightful, energizing & memorable evening.  

Following visual artists and photographers work will be displayed during the evening:

Charmaine Evans, Eric Schneider, Jacob Darner, Linh Moran, Marco Waters, Michelle Quinton, Stephane Leblon, Tasha Kotadia, Simon Wess, Maria Camila, AB, Patrycja Lucyna, Amjad Ali Talpur, Asih Ahmed, Abbas Shah, Sayed K. Abbas, Rabia Nasir

We will entertain you with live music, and many surprises. Among our extraordinary performers are Omar Rios Melendez, Jack Elliot Barton & Isaac Robertson, Ma’Grass and Star.

For further information please connect with:

Maria Camila, Co-Founder CEO  :mc@loav.uk

AB, Co-Founder/Creative Director – ab@loav.uk

Patrycja Lucyna Director Event Management – pl@loav.uk

Note to the Editors

LOAV is managed by Maria Camila, LOAV CEO and a versatile creative herself, supported by AB Co Founder and creative Director and Patrycja Lucyna Director – Event Management.

LOAV is a socio-economic venture cocreated and managed by I XCEL Ltd – a Socio Economic Enterprise creating fund based in London. IXCEL creates and run enterprises (we call them platforms). Full of entrepreneurial zeal, we believe in merit, hard work, social mobility, and relationships based on trust. We keep generating wonderful ideas and the best ones are being developed to become exciting and profitable ventures. We are an enterprise which support innovation in multiple sectors. Currently we are working with partners in Energy, Hospitality, Lifestyle, Advisory, Art and Private Equity Investment sector. Some of our platforms are highlighted above.


Instagram: @loavuk

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