Evolution of Art Promotion

Matthews Yard

In short ‘Arty stripped-back cafe-bar with wood floors for homely food, with performance space and free WiFi.’ In length: ‘A very special place with a high vibe and loav-ing people.’ “Matthews Yard is a non-profit community and cultural venue next to West Croydon Station. Our premises includes Platform 2; a multi-function events space, a cafe with vegan kitchen and regularly rotating art exhibitions by local artists and a lounge with couches, board games, table tennis and an N64. Our second premises in Exchange Square provides private offices for creatives in Croydon.”

Matthew’s Yard is hosting LOAV for three days with a gallery showing open to the public from Friday the 18th until Sunday the 20th (viewings from 11 am ). During the weekend, you can view the sample work of all our artists with an opportunity to swiftly purchase anything you love with QR codes provided via the LOAV website.

We are topping the icing on our LOAV – Matthews Yard’s cake with two unforgettable live events, very different from each other, on the evenings of the 19th and 20th of November.

On a Saturday evening (the 19th6 pm – 9 pm), you will have the pleasure of experiencing an extraordinary and multifaced concoction of LOAV performing artists. We will start with breathtaking cinematic music by Tuomo Karjalainen, an energetic Gorox performance that also features DJ Gorox, super versatile live music by William Paynter, and a comedy stand-up by hilarious actress and comedian Gillian Fischer. We also have thought-provoking poetry by inspiring Annum, music by lively and super-talented Tiff Bondi and peace-promoting through his tunes young Hurricane Isaac.

On Sunday evening (the 20th5 pm – 8 pm), we are setting for the culmination of LOAV at Matthew’s Yard in a cosier, downtime vibe. We will showcase a unique collection of short and exciting stories created by Filmlocos and other British Latinos. We will also please your auditory sense with delicate sounds from Lyricah. We can’t wait to have you with us there for the whole weekend!

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