Evolution of Art Promotion

Alice Carr

Alice’s practice explores the themes of rural loneliness and nature, and the work she produces is rooted in the lines between field and city, human and animal. Using thick layers, expressive mark making and various mediums she allows stories to emerge from within images, sometimes unsettling, sometimes humorous. Alice’s work sits between observation and imagination, with elements of traditional and personal folklores creeping in and juxtaposed with mundane realities. Having studied Celtic languages and literature, Alice draws on imagery from folklore of Britain and Ireland.

Recent works explore representations of animals, particularly in their relationship with civilisation. In these works, animals work both as a symbol for the artist herself and for the brutalities of humanity, the violence inherent in modern life.

Her work is being exhibited at Love Shack, from 1 November 2022 to 30 November 2022.

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