Evolution of Art Promotion

Love Shack

Love Shack is an incredible patch of Vegan paradise spread over three beautiful, exposed brick arches, situated in the heart of East London, Hackney, between Cambridge Heath & Bethnal Green. “We are a dog friendly vegan restaurant, cocktail bar, events space, cafe, juice & Smoothie bar, purveyor of all things shroomy and a fantastical, fun escape from London Life. “The food is good” (that’s just their own words, in LOAV-ers opinion: “It’s divine”), “the drinks are great, the music has rhythm, and the vibes are just bloody lovely. We have hammocks, dogs, bean bags and anything else you could possibly want. Come hang out soon!”

LOAV @LOveShack

LOAV & Love Shack matched perfectly to bring you visual art and performing art stimulation in wonderfully unique surroundings!

Party Uno

LOAV & Love Shack to ‘to take over the world (in a nice way) by becoming a global space for positive disruption, social action & universal love.’

Party Dos

The LOAV-ers bring a fantastic ensemble for you in this magical spot for the second time.

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