Evolution of Art Promotion

Sam Shaker

I started my career as an artist after obtaining my degree in Fine Art from Leonardo da Vinci academy of art in Milan.  My dream was to work in Paris, on arrival I made my way to the French Metropolis of art and worked in Montmartre as a street artist.

I was greatly inspired by the works and bohemian lifestyle of the great masters, Toulouse Lautrec & Picasso so I choose to follow their footsteps in the hope that one day I would paint celebrities and models and make my mark in the art business. I saw my drawings, body painting and face painting as a useful way of supplementing my income. My technique is classic / abstract / contemporary and serialism. I draw my influences from the great masters while still creating my own style. My greatest enjoyment was visiting Les Jardins de Giverny (where Claude Monet and Henri Matisse painted their masterpieces) it’s a paradise of amazing landscapes, where I spent many happy weeks. I considered this to be the most significant part of my career as an artist.

From there I went to London to work as a street artist and sometimes a Drummer in a Rock Band.  I finally fulfilled my dream when 35 years ago I opened an Art Gallery & Jazz Club in Greek Street Soho London where I combined music and art. I had the pleasure of paining celebrities and became known as Amy Winehouse personal portrait artist. She commissioned me to paint a collection of 50 oil portraits of her in different moods and referred to me as her second Dad. I am also the author of two E books Art I Love and Loosing Amy both available from Amazon.

My Adventure as a Crazy Exhibitionist in Egypt

After obtaining my degree, I took time out in Egypt and I decided to enjoy myself before embarking on a career in art. I was a bit on the wild side, in a moment of madness I decided to propose to my girlfriend Nelly, after much thought I decided to make it a memorable occasion and take her to the top of the pyramids to propose. I found a tour guide escorting tourists to climb to the top, so we followed them, I thought I was being smart by getting there without paying the guide.

When we reached the top it was getting dark, and we couldn’t find the way down, suddenly we saw snakes appearing from between the stones, Nelly started to panic and cry, I tried to calm her, but it ended my romantic proposal. We had to stay all the night freezing and scared it was the longest night of my life. Luckily next morning we were rescued by the Fire Brigade they said we were lucky to have survived this experience. That brought my romantic dreams to an end and I haven’t seen Nelly after that.   

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