Evolution of Art Promotion

Elena Cara

‘I’m Elena Cara aka Dear Elena.
I’m a Street photographer and young artist from Guspini (Sardinia IT).
I was 17 when my dad introduced me to this wonderful parallel world. Photography.
At the time I was living in Sardinia taking some street photography but mainly focusing on pictures of surfers and skaters.
I love photography because she allowed me to see the world with different eyes, to stop and watch the world moving, to feel and capture moments and to share the emotion of real people as they walk through life.
My photography has one purpose, talk to people through the feelings and the emotions she creates.
I would define my style of photography as punk rock, vintage, blurred and noisy.
My photography has no rules, my photography was born as wild and free.
Photography is my eyes, my freedom, my way of life.’

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