Evolution of Art Promotion


Acciarino Gennaro (Genn) is a guitarist from Rome who started playing blues, jazz, rock with bands and singers there. What followed was a tour of Europe. Genn has been organizing shows with many great musicians. When he was in Andalusia he learned flamenco and gipsy style music which enabled him to create his own solo fusion guitar repertoire. He has been influenced by different genres and inspired by the experiences of life that touched him during his travels and tours. He’s playing with a deep spiritual approach; mixing modern and ancient guitar techniques, naturally blending them. He’s currently in UK playing his catchy show in many venues and clubs. He plays with a drummer and with an artist that draws and paint live inspired by the music. He’ s recording his own album which will be out in a couple of months. Gen’s mission is to inspire people to express themselves freely and feel the music with their soul as a life changing experience.

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