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Our aim, whether we exhibit experimental or traditional works, is to adhere to the highest standards of quality. While we seek beautifully executed work, we also value work that is innovative, artwork that presents the artist’s unique voice and engages the viewer intellectually, emotionally, as well as visually.

If you are planning to submit artwork for our upcoming event in November, please make sure you’ve read over these guidelines.

Original art only. No renderings or copies of other Artist’s work. No photographs of the artwork of others unless additional elements are included.

Work should ideally be completed within the last five years but can be older work too.

All art forms are acceptable (Photography, Oils, Watercolor, Drawing, etc.) but must be sub­mit­ted in dig­i­tal for­mat via e-mail to ensure the artist retains pos­ses­sion of the orig­i­nal until the selection has been deter­mined.

All artists should send 10 – 20 of their most recent works. This could either be a link to a website or online portfolio, or a link to a shared folder of images.

Digital Submission Requirements: Images should be in either .jpg or .png format and should be Mac and PC compatible. Filenames should be in the following format: (story title-piece number-artist name-year). Submission must consist of 10 to 20 digital images, minimum 300 dpi (these images you submit must be the same works you bring to showcase at the venue), as well as your current artist statement and artist CV. Please submit your images here: submissions@loav.uk

Artist Statement: Your artist statement is an opportunity to explain the background and process of the work you are including on your submissions. There is no definitive right or wrong in writing your artist’s statement, but it should be concise. 500 words is a loose guideline, but it could be less or (slightly) more.

Installation: The artist must provide an appropriate base and be available to assist in installation of their own work to the assigned venue. The artist must also be able to transport their work to the exhibiting venue a week preceding the monthly showcase.

If submission is successful, they should also actively engage in promoting the event. Promoting your exhibition can increase awareness which can then help to increase sales. We will advertise the event on our social media account, website, magazine, and/or through our Twitter account. Any other promotion is encouraged to be promoted by the artist.

Deadlines are important. Please keep an eye on our homepage for updates on deadlines. Deadline for November 2022 submissions is: 31/08/2022.

We expect a large amount of submissions so we suggest sending your submission as early as possible.

Collection dates and times to be advised. Failure to do so will incur storage and transportation charges. Arrangements for packing and return of art are the responsibility of the artist.

If you have questions or want clarification on any matter, please email submissions@loav.uk

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