Evolution of Art Promotion

We Admire

Message on a T Shirt

We Admire

LOAV festival at another intimate & wonderful place; full of everything artistic & cultural…displayed on T-shirts!

“We exist because admiration is an inexhaustible pleasure and the fabric we use, long strand, high thread count CoolMax freshFX, allows us to deliver enduringly comfortable shirts quickly.  This is creatively liberating. And we can do it in high resolution, full CMYK colour, dyed into the fabric of the shirts.  Dyeing rather than printing means there are no physical limitations with regards to the physical performance of the decorated garment from the decorative process – you can wear them! Again and again… 

It is a matter of fact these shirts have changed the love lives of a number of our customers.  Wearing them has kicked off conversations with people the wearers wanted to have conversations with…”

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