Evolution of Art Promotion


We believe L.O.A.V. will be a huge success in the creative industry. This is a call for exhibition volunteers. We are looking for volunteers to help in all aspects of our upcoming event.

Exhibition volunteers will play an integral role in the admin work priory the event, installation, public engagement, and evaluation of the show and will gain valuable hands-on experience in all aspects of exhibition set up and delivery.

We are looking for reliable and committed individuals who are keen to update their experience and learn new skills within an arts organisation.

Although volunteers are not required to have specific experience, we are keen to hear from those who may already have, or wish to gain knowledge in the following areas: artistic curation, public engagement, artwork handling and installation.

All volunteers are welcome to commit to as many hours they wish priory and throughout the exhibition days. 

Key Dates for our upcoming event in November:

Installation Week: 24th  – 30th October 2022

Launch Night: 31st October 2022

Exhibition Invigilation: 1st – 30th November 2022

Final Celebrations night: 30th November 2022

De-Install & Pack: 1st December 2022

Please submit your interest here: volunteers@loav.uk with a short paragraph with the following information:

  • Name and contact details
  • Your availability
  • Why are you interested to volunteer with L.O.A.V
  • Any relevant experience (CV’s can be attached)
  • If you have a specific area of interest (i.e. curation, artist liaison, public engagement, artwork handling and installation, etc.)

We are welcoming all volunteers to be part of this unforgettable experience.

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