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Grand Trunk Road

Grand Trunk Road

Exceptional, authentic GT Road Inspiration

This chic Indian spot offers upscale Indian dishes & a warm vibe. Housed in South Woodford on the East London and Essex border, the restaurant’s winning formula and notable accolades includes acknowledgement in the Michelin Guide. They have also been hailed Best Indian Restaurant in London by the Asian Curry Awards.

The experience of a gastronomic journey; 2500 miles from Kabul to Kolkata. Grand Trunk Road is named after an ancient trade route, The Road, built in the 16th century AD, divided into four nations. It presents a compelling and beautifully illustrated trail history since it emerged as ancient India’s first route for traders.

The founder Rajesh Suri has been instrumental in the rise of Michelin Star Indian food establishments. With more than 30 years of experience, he is the UK’s most acclaimed Indian Restauranteur. A regular on the Chef’s Table at Master Chef Professional as well as the winner of the BIBA Award and Restaurant Personality of the Year, Rajesh’s vision for Grand Trunk Road was to laud classic dishes with the finest ingredients and time-honored cooking via unique recipes. The recipes he derived from his journey across the legendary land that has made Grand Trunk Road synonymous with the finest Indian cuisine since his launch in 2016.

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