Evolution of Art Promotion

Linh Moran

She records art with the art of photography. She is drawn to clean lines, the way light falls in specific places, and bright colours. The push and pull of working with movement artists, mostly dancers, is a rush. To be able to capture their hard work, years of training, and willingness to share their time with her is an honour. As an ex-dancer/gymnast, she is undoubtedly pulled towards any types of movements that resemble these disciplines. She hopes everybody can see how beautiful movement is through the lens.

These photos represent the last few years of her portrait photography journey in London, Covid-interrupted and all. The models in these photos are an array of people she calls friends. Some, she has known for decades, some a few years, and some are new friends who she met through the network of creatives in London. All of them, she curated a personal relationship with, and aimed to let their individual personalities and styles shine through, making each image its own and completely unique.

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