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Maria Violina

Maria Violina is a passionate Violinist and a teacher based in London.

Originally she comes from Bulgaria where she started to play the Violin at the age of 5.

Since then she studied at the Music School and later on at the Concervatory of Music in Sofia/Bulgaria.Then she did a Master degree in Antwerp/Belgium.

Classically trained  Maria has performed in various countries like Bulgaria, Belgium, Portugal, Spain and England as a solo , chamber music or orchestra musician.

Her passion about music does not finish with the classical music. Even she believes that this is one of the best foundation to master her instrument Maria likes to do experiments and play different styles like Folk, Jazz , Gypsy Jazz, Rock , Ethno /Electronic music.

She has collaborated with different musicians in the past and got involved in many musical projects .

The newly acquired Yamaha 5 strings Violin opens doors to a new world of improvisation work.

Maria loves to play solo or to collaborate with other people. As well she works as a session musician.

Her passion for music is endless and she believes that music is a beautiful language that should be spoken every day to make the world a better place.

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