Evolution of Art Promotion

Patrycja Lucyna

Patrycja Lucyna is one of the LOAV-ers, part time model and a spontaneous iPhone photographer. She is a great believer that art & creativity are the omnipresent, boundless and universal language of love and we are all creative creators at heart. She runs Be the One coaching – a creative life coaching practice and mental fitness training program helping her clients improve their relationships with themselves and others.

The happiness of pursuit. Yell-awe! Porto in Portugal. A tiny yellow house in the crowd of red-tiled roofs. The beginning of a magical yellow Camino de Santiago 2022 which surprisingly continues to this day. In 15 days of a 300 km pilgrimage along the west coast of Portugal and Spain I have collected over 350 pictures with evidence of yellow items and themes popping in front of me like mushrooms after the rain. The impromptu yellow toenails I got done just before setting off to Portugal turned out to be an innocent commitment to my higher self which was gently whispering to ‘follow the yellow break road’. Here we go! Yell-AWE!

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