Evolution of Art Promotion

Jeff Thomson

I’ve been painting for the last 15 years as it is my passion. I started tentatively using photographs as a reference, but over time found the copings process to restrictive. I kept finding myself trying to reproduce an exact copy. For me this is not what art is about. To really enjoy the process of producing a piece of art is about your inner being. It’s about opening your mind feeling the energy through your fingers and letting go. Most of my more recent works have been painted in this way.

I’m inspired by nature and the unknown. I believe in recycling so I’m always looking for discarded surfaces I can work with. I use a mix of decorating and artist brushes and scrapers to apply the paint. In general, I tend not to plan a painting, it’s much more exciting just to go with flow with a blank canvas. As soon as the first brush stroke hits the canvas, I am off. I am never afraid of failure I can always start again. I trust my inner self and go for it’

Jeff’s work is being exhibited at Grand Trunk Road and Bianca Road Brewery.

Buy Jeff’s work here

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