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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Q1 The wall sections that will be used will have to be where there are currently already pictures, so that we are not putting any new holes into the walls, please could you confirm if the walls will be filled and back to their original form after the festival is over?

Answer: We will use the walls with the current holes you have. In case we created holes with mutual agreement then such walls will be filled and back to their original form once the festival is over. Alternatively we would also happily gift you with some free photographic frames for the newly created holes once the event is over. It would be a thank you gift for hosting us.

Q2 Regarding a music license, this is something that our venue doesn’t currently have, we have royalty free music in-store so any licensing for live performances will have to be provided by LOAV Art, is this something that you can provide?

Answer: Music Licensing is a long and costly process with each Council, so we wouldn’t have the necessary time probably at the moment to start the procedures for November, however, we could always in future come back to this and start arranging it once this venture functions on an on-going basis (which we do plan to). We can always do poetry nights (or other live performances: eg. Stand up comedy, Short movies on projector etc.), and if we could do acoustic then we could plan some solo musicians.

Q3 What is LOAV art’s marketing plan? How many people are anticipated to come to the festival? What platforms or outlets will LOAV Art be using for their marketing.

Answer: Our marketing plan is initially focused on social media with active marketing from September, media based PR from August (Lazin magazine – LOAV will be on the cover), internet search ads and sheer number of participants and their social circles in London. We plan to highlight all the participating venues across all media platforms and will be requesting you to provide us with promotional material for your venue post acceptance. Our initial approach has already created significant buzz and we plan to engage all major London media outlets from mid September including national and city newspapers.

Q4 Currently what locations do you have confirmed as part of the festival?

Answer: Full list of venues will be released in September, but just to mention some of our locations are in: Sydenham, Croydon, Marylebone, Shoreditch, Holborn, Lambeth, Canada Water, Honor Oak Park, Mayfair, Richmond, Walthamstow and Harrow. We are always trying to find strategical places, to actually cover different parts of London city.


Q1 For how long will I exhibit my art for in November and will this be in one venue or more?

Answer: All your art will be in one place for a month for display, so the venue assigned will be with you for the entire month of November (and this is to save chaos with transportation, installation, rehanging etc.).

Q2 How long should the artist statement be?

Answer: The artist statement should be a detailed paragraph, ideally about 500 words, but it can be as short / long as you wish. We want you to have complete freedom of expression.

Q3 Do you want images of full art pieces, or can I send in images of detail or process imagery?

Answer: Images of full art pieces would be ideal, as these are a glimpse of what you are going to showcase physically in November.

Q4 Do you have any details of the places you intend to exhibit the works in, does LOAV have any particular places in mind?

Answer: While we still work on expanding the list of venues, we are planning to publish it on the website soon as well as the artist profiles, musicians, sponsors etc. This should be around September.

Q5 If the pieces are to be exhibited in a public places eg. bars, pubs or shops, is there any insurance in place or do we artists have to provide it?

Answer: Artists are encouraged to have their own insurance, however we are more than happy to help if they don’t have one. 

Q6 Should the work be framed or unframed?

Answer: Ideally all work should be framed, unless the piece of work is at such size that is not possible to be framed. But also, our artists are very diverse (from photography to drawing , painting etc) which is why we are very open to discussion when it comes to this aspect as we understand everyone’s art is different. So do let us know what’s your preference. 

Q7 Would LOAV take a percentage on sales and do you have a price range?

Answer: When it comes to sales, we are here to offer a platform for artists to sell their work. As an artist you will give us the price you want to sell your art with, and we will add VAT, commission for the venue, processing charges and the organisers on top of that. But you will realise your desired price. 

Q8 If any work is purchased who would the collector pay to? 

Answer: The collector will pay to LOAV to ensure all the necessary financials are dealt with. 

Q9 Can you give us the financial breakdown and how will LOAV charge / operate on art sale?

Answer: The Price breakdown would be as follows (for commercial reasons percentages have not been provided however those are available for all participating artists)

Net Cash expected by the Artist

Venue Fee (assigned venue) on Successful Sale

VAT on price before VAT

Credit Card/Banking Fees

Festival Fees (LOAV) on Successful Sale

– Unknown additional costs: Insurance, Installation, Retrieval, Repackaging (this will vary greatly on the size of packaging, selected venue, whether the artist wants us to do everything for them, if the artist has insurance or not, and also if they drop off and pick up works from the venue).

Please note if the artwork does not sell, there are absolutely no costs involved for the artist. Any losses due to non sale (additional costs) are for us (LOAV) to bear. 

Q10 I have insurance already so do I have to purchase another one?

Answer: You don’t have to purchase a new insurance, you can use the one you have. However, if you don’t have one and you do need help with that, let us know and we are here to help and we can organise that for you.

Q11 Do I need to tell you if I want the photos printed or displayed digitally with the various prices?

Answer: Yes please, if you can tell us if you would like to display physically or digitally or both would be amazing. This is the case with all our international artists, as some might find it hard to ship their artwork. 

Q12 Do the copyrights remain entirely with me or once the photos are displayed or the photos are sold do I lose the copyright?

Answer: You don’t lose the copyright on your photos. Your photos is your art, we are just facilitating a platform for you to showcase your work and hopefully to be sold at your desired price in one of our London venues. 

Q13 Is there a theme to November?

Answer: This edition is not limited to a theme, however the artists will be assigned to a venue across London.

Q14 How can I exhibit my work? Will You Sell NFTs? Can I promote my already created NFT?

Answer: We are encouraging everyone and local artists to exhibit physically, but in addition to the physical work it will also be promoted in digital form on our website, social media and on the digital terminal across venues. If artists agree, then their physical work can be converted to NFT and put it on our NFT platform. For all artists we would require high resolution images of their art.

For digital artists, we will be pleased to create and promote their NFT’s, however NFT’s already in existence will not be promoted by the festival.

Q15 How many pieces can I exhibit?

Answer: Anywhere between 3 – 10 pieces.


Q1 When will I perform during LOAV Art Festival, what dates exactly?

Answer: We are aiming to hold live performances every weekend throughout November, so depending on your availability to perform in November, we will then assign you to a designated venue and inform you of time schedule and performance duration.

Q2 Can I play solo, or do I have to play with a band?

Answer: We are welcoming both solo musicians and music bands. Our venues are so varied, some of them will only want acoustic which works really well as a solo musician.

Q3 Will I be paid for performing to LOAV Art Festival?

Answer: LOAV will take place across approximately 50 venues in London throughout the month of November and we have about 100 artists to showcase their art in these venues. This is such a huge event that will give exposure to everyone involved. We will have media coverage and online ongoing promotion. LOAV does not take the responsibility to pay the live performers, however we do encourage all musicians to have a donations link, a PayPal account where people can support their music, merchandise, promotional materials etc. as this will be an event that will bring them exposure on both national and international level.

Q4 Can I perform more than once?

Answer: Yes, of course. We have so many venues across London with live performances every Friday and Saturday evening, from 6 pm onwards, as well as Sundays from 11 am all day. Do let us know in advance the days you are available to perform and we will try to assign you as many venues as we can.

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