Evolution of Art Promotion

Insbat Amjad Siddiqui

Loss, sympathy, grief these are the words generally sum up our situation when we lost someone -a beloved. More than helplessness life seems uncomfortable, and it feels like every emotion is taking over your insights. There is something I enjoy about emotions specially grief is that it’s not permanent, but the question is where do these emotions go when we aren’t feeling them like before? Do they completely sink into us?
The answer is -it never goes away.
“We don’t move on from grief we just move forward with it “
And it lives with us forever.
These series of painting is called INFERNO WITH IN – By this series of work I have tried to proclaim my inner most numb yet burning state by using natural powdered pigments on the canvas to show the actual nature of myself as of my medium my work based on how the loss of my parents challenged my intellect and my ideologies towards human Relations and how this loss emotionally burned and molded me into unsustainable to sustainable again. My subject matter is Portraiture, human figures and birds specifically vultures and ravens in a surreal contemporary manner.

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