Evolution of Art Promotion

DJ Fabrizia

DJ Fabrizia is an Italian DJ Producer based in London. She has been djing and producing her music for 17 years. Currently, she resides in London in Hakkasan, Gordon Ramsay’s (various locations) and Alchemist (multiple locations).

‘My biggest love is house music, but I like to play the crowd, so I also like to include some nostalgic and energetic known remixes into my DJ sets. If the crowd asks for it, I go also full-on electronic and techno as I am one of Cyberdog DJs, where there are no limits on how crazy you can go! I also played in several Buddha Bars worldwide, so I love that world electronic downtempo sound that goes well in many elegant venues. So yes, I am pretty versatile, but I do love fast BPM and pumping music.’

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