Evolution of Art Promotion

S Khurram Abbas

Abbas was born in in a small village of Kurram Agency FATA KPK Pakistan 1996. He
completed his BFA from National college of arts
Rawalpindi in 2020 in miniature painting. His work is inspired by social injustice and misuse of religion as a toll to manipulate people in name of God.

In his paintings he has some objects which are constantly repeated like papers from notebook we used in school. It’s his symbol to represent himself. Trauma and terror he faced as a child sectarian
conflicts between Shia and Sunni Muslims. Blind belief system has taken over our society which lead us to zero tolerance and extremism. Most of religious leader who are in power use religion for their own benefits.

Khurram will be displayed at IXCEL Media during the month of November 2022 as part of LOAV Art Festival.

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