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Hoxton Cabin

Hoxton Cabin

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This super cute place is known for making its guests feel like they have just entered the extension of their living room! LOAV is showing here the selection of art and photography by Marco Waters; musician and photographer known for his pictures of artists and live performers, and Finish artist based in London, Maisa Talvikki Tenhunen, whose vibrant, surreal and intriguing paintings enrich the walls of the cabin for the entire November (1-30). You can purchase any of them via the QR codes displayed at the venue or on our LOAV website from 1 November 2022.

LOAV’s live event features a delicious mix of live performing legends (rising and well-established, among which we have: Chris Clark, Hurrcaine Isaac, Jo Faith, Ma’Grass, Genn, El Prezzze and amazing DJ Fabrizia!

LOAV brings art to another cosy bar-cafe, and eventful location, in the heart of East London. Join us!

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