Evolution of Art Promotion

Sameeha Khaliq

Sameeha Khaliq is a contemporary artist who lives and works in Islamabad. Her paintings pay homage to nature. As the artist explains, “I tell the tales of mysteries of nature inside out and I welcome you to join me on this visual journey.” She juxtaposes elements of reality with surrealism using pen n ink, watercolor, oil paints and charcoal. Through minimal yet rhythmic compositions she conveys feelings of whimsy with elements of surprise. Her images reflect her inner journey and evoke a sense of birth and renewal by transmuting pain into joy. They embody a strong feeling of the dynamic forces of nature and our connection to its miraculous healing energy. Nature and especially the “sacred role of trees” that inspires her artwork. Sameeha is a born artist. After completing master’s in media sciences, she worked for media houses and ad agencies for a couple of years. But after rediscovering her passion while summiting the base camp of Nanga Prabat, she started her art education and obtained diploma in fine arts in painting from Punjab Arts Council, as well as furthered her artistic skills under supervision of Sir Abbas Shah (NCA), and Prof.
Edward Burake-US. She founded Nature’s Art Club—Pakistan in collaboration with Parks and horticulture authority and designed a specialised curriculum for nature journaling. She conducts customized nature art workshops and retreats. Currently she works with UNESCO ON and Rock Art Tourism–Pakistan. This heritage conservation project aims at creating awareness to promote ancient rock art that is carved on almost 50,000 rocks in large area surrounded by around River Indus in the foot of Nanga Parbat—The Killer Mountain.

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