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Guild Church

Saint Mary Aldermary (Host Café)

Art in the hands of God

Saint Mary Aldermary

(Host Café)

A historical church where you will find what many believe to be sacred: seriously fantastic coffee.

Saint Mary Aldermary is the oldest church in the city dedicated to the Virgin Mary. It suffered quite badly in the Great Fire of London in 1668 and was rebuilt in the late 17th Century by Sir Christopher Wren — the architectural mastermind behind St Paul’s Cathedral and the Royal Naval College. Unlike Wren’s many other city churches, Saint Mary Aldermary was built in a distinctive Gothic style.’

The Host Café’ is run by super welcoming staff who works for a new monastic community within the Church of England who are promoting love, hospitality and inclusiveness. The exquisite coffee shop serves specialty coffee, provided by local roasters, artesian cakes and bread and Londoner’s favourite tea.

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