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Maisa Talvikki Tenhunen

Maisa Talvikki Tenhunen (b.1989, Finland) is a London based artist. She works with painting, moving image installation and poetry. She creates work that explores memories, dreams and documentary materials in order to question the relationship between the ‘real world’ and the inner experience. Events and objects are changed and misplaced as the artist remembers and looks at them, influenced by the poetic confusion between conscious reality and dreams, past and present, real and imagined. This results in strange atmospheres. Her art draws attention to the odd and subtle details of everyday life that are paused, cut and re-constructed in her work. Viewing a series of Tenhunen’s paintings resembles the experience of watching a surreally nuanced montage, her use of fragmented narration often leaving the viewer with a sense of displacement and absurdity. At the same time there are moments of wistful reflection, suggesting a quiet contemplation which is also an important part of her working process. After studies in photography and two visual art diplomas in Finland the artist completed a Fine Art BA (Hons) at The Art Academy London. She has exhibited in group shows in Finland and the UK.

Maisa’s work will be displayed at Hoxton Cabin during the month of November 2022 as part of LOAV Art Festival.

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